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How a bad video can hurt your business

Just don't do it.

Of course we would say that wouldn't we? We are a video production company.

But it's actually for a really simple reason. To a viewer, a low quality video means a low quality product.

It's proven that online video can generate a higher return for your business by increasing potential customer engagement when compared to a simple text and image based website.

But this effect also goes the other way if you have a low quality video, customers will be turned off. Some of the things that can make your video look bad are shoddy audio, bad lighting, poor presentation, cheap looking graphics and editing mistakes just to name a few!

These are all considerations to make when shopping around for an online video. Beware offers that seem too good to be true, anyone CAN make a video these days with the proliferation of cheap cameras and equipment, but it doesn't mean they have the experience, creative talent or skills to create an awesome piece of content for your business.

Simply put, a bad video doesn't put your best foot forward, and it will be noticed. If someone is taking the time to watch your business' online content then they are potentially interested in what you have to sell, and a bad video can confuse the viewer. They might like your product but be put off by an annoying or poorly made video.

TLDR - You won't just be throwing away money on your production. You will actually LOSE potential clients and money.


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